My Vegan Story

I've been plant based for over a year and would never go back to my old ways. After reading statistics on how animal agriculture affects world hunger, I knew I had to do away with meat, eggs, and diary.

Coming from a life of bodybuilding, I was used to eating large quantities of meat and animal products without thinking twice. It was surprisingly easy to make the change. It took me one day and one decision to change my life for the better.

After changing my diet to plant based, I began changing my household and cosmetic products to cruelty-free, organic, gmo-free, and natural made products that are free of toxic chemicals. Transitioning my life from food and my daily products to ones that come straight from the Earth has been easy and made me healthier from the inside out.

My athletic performance in training has improved due to my plant based diet, while my cleaner beauty products have helped improve my skin and well being as well. I have dedicated my YouTube channel and much of my personal training business to helping educated others on this amazing lifestyle.

It's amazing to feel better physically and know that no souls were harmed before my meal was made.

My five tips to somebody starting out on the plant-based diet would be:

1. Educate yourself! Watch documentaries like Cowspiracy, Earthlings, Forks over Knives and Blackfish. There are many good films and books available online that can help you become passionate about your cause and make healthy choices. This also comes in handy when explaining to others your lifestyle changes:)

2. Keep it simple! There are dozens of fancy and amazing recipes online, but you don't have to get too crazy if you aren't a chef! Stick to basic whole foods like rice, potatoes, veggies, fruits, grains, legumes and pastas! Get creative and keep it yummy!

3. Become aware that your beauty products and household products are not always plant-based or vegan. Many products that we are constantly putting on our skin, hair, dishes, etc contain toxic chemicals! Start reading labels on everything to make sure your health comes before anything else!

4. Explore! Get out and try out dishes at vegan or vegetarian restaurants! It's fun to explore this whole new and healthy world, so have fun with it!

5. Surround yourself with like minded people! Reach out to friends online or educate your friends and family on your choices and explain the benefits of it. It makes it less overwhelming to eat meals or share talks with others that understand you!

Bianca Taylor Morales

Instagram: @biancataylorm


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