The Importance of Spiritual Nutrition

In these critical times hard to deal with, many people whether they choose to consume a Vegan or Carnivorous Dietary Lifestyle, do not make the connection between how eating certain foods are linked to defilement of their own flesh. Because of this, I was hoping it would be acceptable to write and share a small piece from my heart this evening regarding the importance of FOOD and its contribution to CLEAN SPIRITUAL HEALTH.

A person who has a structured program of consuming balanced meals derived directly from the earth will lessen the impact of damaging their spiritual health because they are lessening the risk factor of improper in-taking of chemicals that contaminate their thinking and inevitably lead to committing actions that will break their spirit. A broken spirit, is much more difficult to repair than a broken heart; Thus, it is imperative that we always keep on our complete suit of spiritual armor because we have not a physical, but a spiritual wrestling that is not against blood and flesh, but against spirit forces. The more a person understands the value and power of Food, they will then overstand the importance of keeping spiritual things First in all of their daily activities.

As a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, I subscribe to and recommend a good spiritual feeding program to accompany our nutritional choice that equally addresses all of our human needs from a balanced perspective. When making meal choices, we must always remain vigilant in this area and exercise self-control at all times when consuming all meals, because food affects all people, from all walks of life, Differently. 

Clean Spiritual Health is very important and can easily become negatively impacted when a person engages in physical or sexual actions that defile the Human Flesh, as it is a serious violation of Universal Laws, and is directly linked to food since many individuals choose to eat animal flesh; not considering anatomically that humans are animals too. Seemingly, eating flesh is a major factor linked to defilement of the marriage bed. If the marriage bed is defiled, the Complete circle of life will be compromised; along with Nature, because out of the marriage union the sources of life break forth. 

Clean Spiritual Health is also imperative on a cellular level if you are an individual suffering from a hormonal or psychological chemical imbalance because eating denatured foods can intensify unwanted episodes of mania in some people; Therefore, I am a Spiritual health advocate for prescribing a CLEAN SPIRITUAL DIET above all other things and for some people, that clean spiritual diet is similar to the wholefoods plant-based diet prescribed in the beginning of creation when God created the heavens and the earth.

When we neglect our spiritual health, our physical health deteriorates, and after careful examination of how previous perfect conditions on earth were established for humanity, it is clear that being spiritually malnourished is not in harmony with how nature set the pattern for how humans must engage in dietary practices. 

In conclusion, from a clinical perspective and from examining biblical principles and laws daily, it is clear, that choosing to eat a variety of plant-based foods is a protection from spiritual sickness and leads to clean spiritual health. We must always consider biblical principles Daily that have been set before us even when considering optimal nutrition.

In doing such, we will discover that by researching the beginnings of creation we will find true, satisfying answers, joy and peace of mind because when You Eat Right! You Think Right! And You Feel Right!

Written By Katease (Kay) DeVaughn- Chief Executive Officer

Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist 

Specializing In Plant-Based Wellness Counseling and Natural Detoxification Programs


Cigdem Millington