What is veganism…what can I eat?…oh wait what will I give up..??? S*** my favourite double chocolate cream cake…creamy cheese mushroom pasta…Nando’s chicken…WHAT WILL I EAT..???

Some of you might know me under the name of Ayoki Brown…some might not know me at all :) so welcome to my world.

For a very long time the concept of being vegetarian / vegan has been dancing around in this crazy world of mine (my mind that is). My first time trying to commit to the lifestyle I was about 13, while spending the holiday in London with my 2 big sisters we decided that we shall stop eating animals as this was just too cruel *my sisters and I have a true love for animals, one of them use to bring home any sort of stray animal and even try to nest an egg #pleasedontask*.

Needless to say this lasted for about a week and back to our old ways we were.

About 4 years ago I decided to stop eating meat *pescetarian, I can't even say the word properly lol * I did so good that my friends and family were SHOCKED because let me tell you something I *use to* love me some chicken…I could have it morning noon and night, there was no way on earth that I would live my life without chicken wings ( yes that is the only part that I actually liked ). I then fell off the wagon…which is normal as I didn’t do any research I just stopped eating meat.

But that desire, that lifestyle was still dancing around in that crazy head of mine, luckily my mother’s husband is fully vegan *rastafari lifestyle* so from time to time he would share his knowledge and even do me some effective detox …but yet sometimes I will find myself nibbling on those chicken wings.

About 2 years ago my big sister *coco* and I decided to start the vegan lifestyle for good this time, and that’s when I started researching and learning a bit more.

Now let us be honest it is not an easy transition/decision to make and commit to * but it is doable*

You might ask why?…why are you giving up all of those goodies in the world….all the pastries…all the cheese….* I am French, we live on pastries, cheese and wine lol* meat ohhh and your mums fried fish that she does with love on Good Friday….WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO YOURSELF???

Well, late last year I asked myself…do I really want to be vegan or do I just want to follow a trend…be part of a clique…be yogi trendy…and then I ate fish and I was like F*** IT i am going to do me.

After a while my senses got back to me….this crazy thought that has been dancing in this crazy, wild, magnificent world of mine is for a reason. No, its not because it's trendy…and just because I had a vision of me being a yogi * that vision will come to past* its simply because that this body of mine is my temple, I will only ever have this one, therefore I shall treat it with love and care and pay attention to its needs *as oppose to my taste buds and craving*…I need this body to be the best that it can be and I am the only one that can make that happen.

I need this body to take me around the world and explore cultures that will blow my mind, I need this body to spend time with my son and pretend I can play football with him…I need this body to express my self…to share my love and retreat myself.

My experience so far with being a vegan has been amazing, challenging and sometimes frustrating but its all worth it because Iv got the full hang of it.

Read, watch videos, research and ask for guidance because we all need it.

Animals are creatures and just like us they deserve to be on this earth, our body is not made to eat dead carcases, if you really think about it, that is what we are eating…something that has been dead for god knows how long. We wash it, season it, cook it then eat it.

Something else that kept me from eating animal flesh was the energy…I want to surround myself with good and positive energy, those animals are mistreated, live in horrible conditions and killed in the most inhuman way…that is the energy that we are putting into our body.

Lets not forget that we also want convenience, food that we can cook quick and eat quick. Your life…our life is in a lot of pressure to let it go by quick, so take your time and slow down because all those quick meals are killing you slowly…ask your self are you not worthy of a healthy lifestyle? not always sick and tired and waiting on your GP (General Practitioner)… just think about it.

For me vegan is the way forward, not to just a healthy life but a happy life…because once you are healthy and aware that there is no limit for your body…you can only be happy.

How??? Because everything that you put in that mouth of yours has a direct impact * not just on those love handles * but on you mind…on your mental health, so please by wise.

This is a journey, take your time to transition don’t be too hard on yourself *but don’t be soft either* don’t delay this amazing journey to full BODY AND SOUL recovery, step out of that comfort zone and eat some Falafels for GOODNESS SAKE THEY ARE AMAZBALLS.


Don’t become a vegan junkie, not everything that is sold out there for vegans are actually good for your temple!

Visit some blogs, you will get some amazing ideas 

Try making your own stuff *homemade almond milk is the SHIZZZNIP*

Surround yourself with people that will give you support

JUST DO IT * no I’m not repping for NIKE I’m just saying JUST DO IT* you won't starve :) 

Don’t be hard on yourself for eating that biscuit offered to you while at your desk :) it still happens to me *pack your own init!*

Written By Shanna Cee

Cigdem Millington