Venture To Vitality

Being a Vegan is so much deeper than it seems on the surface. It is undisputedly a beautiful thing to do for humanity as a whole.

My journey to Veganism started about 6 months ago, a month and a half prior to that I had decided to be a Vegetarian. I've in conversation also mentioned to the lovely Mrs Milli that it was her's and T's influence which aroused curiosity in me and eventually led to me becoming Vegan. The facts and information they provided on their instagram page completely shocked me and opened my eyes to the horrific truths and injustices behind the things we eat and are conditioned to eat.

I was starting to develop a distaste for meat after noticing some problems with chicken breast, which was the main meat I consumed. I started to notice chicken breast had a slightly rubbery texture to it regardless of how I cooked it, and this was meat from multiple places: 'high quality' meat as well as that chicken from the chippy! I remember the last time I ate meat and it was at that point I knew I wasn't going to be eating meat again in a hurry. I'd bought some chicken breast from a butchers and after cooking it I had the same problem again. I remembered a short while before I had been engaged in a conversation with a guy who told me about his own journey to Spirituality and Vegetarianism and something he said really stuck in my mind...he said 'the last time I ate meat I realised just by how it felt when it went down that we are not supposed to eat meat, we aren't designed that way' and this is exactly how I felt as I bit into that last piece of flesh. I couldn't even bring myself to finish it. He also went on to say that even after trying his hardest he realised that he simply could not justify eating meat anymore. With all of this swimming around in my mind I began to question the quality of the meat that is available to us and decided not to eat meat anymore.

There were changes in my health: I dropped a little weight, I was able to digest my food much better, I was cold/flu free (whilst almost everyone around me were catching them from all angles!) and my skin was better, but not as amazing as I know it could have been and this was due to the dairy I was yet to cut out.

The last hurdle I had to becoming fully Vegan was cutting out Dairy. I thought I'd want to tear my hair out trying to do this but it really wasn't difficult at all once the wool was pulled from over my eyes about exactly what a misconception there is surrounding dairy, what it contained and how it contributes to ill health. Once I made the choice to go fully Vegan I felt more energised; that sluggish feeling I used to get after consuming Dairy was no more.

So far, I've lost approximately 2 stone of fat and toxins kept in my system by the things I'd cut out. As time went by I learned more about the beauty of being a Vegan. Contrary to what health professionals say I had proved to myself that my health was the best it had been in years! I'm proud to be a Vegan because everybody benefits from my lifestyle no matter how small and insignificant it seems to others. I say no to animals being slaughtered to satisfy my taste buds. I say no to our land being eaten up so this can continue. I say no to making myself prone to disease. I say no to the overconsumption of water which leads to deforestation. I say no to spoiling the Oceans and generally poisoning the Earth. 

In conclusion I've learned that I would love to wake up one day and read a news headline about all humans becoming Vegan. But I know it's not that easy. It's terrible to think that aside from the fact that all of this is allowed to happen my family and loved ones are affected by this and all it takes to stand up and help our phenomenal home on Mother Earth is to decide to have the courage to educate yourself on what goes on behind the scenes. Be your own person, not who you're conditioned to be.

Written By Anita Snood

IG : @Snitata


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