Journey towards Womb Health

My interest in womb health and female health (physically, emotionally and spiritually) came about through my own struggles with my health. From the moment I became sexually active I had problems…my periods would stop and start with no regular cycle, when I did have them they became so painful I would pass out (I was eventually prescribed morphine), I developed pelvic inflammatory disease and was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries AND endometriosis. I was told at 17 that it was ‘highly unlikely’ I would conceive naturally or at all and was told a hysterectomy would be the only way to help my condition.

Throughout this time I was involved in a very abusive relationship, I had no confidence and little hope for my future. A year passed and miraculously I conceived naturally. I went on to develop a severe form of morning sickness known as hyperemesis gravidarum, I was hospitalised for the majority of my pregnancy, couldn't work and was sick 20-40 times a day (even throughout the labour I was vomiting!!), my mouth and throat were covered in blisters and I was clinically underweight. My pregnancy ended up being one of the lowest times in my life, I was still being abused by my partner and developed chronic depression. The trauma of my pregnancy unfortunately carried on into my post natal period and I had severe attachment issues with my son and was again hospitalised with postnatal psychosis. A year after having my son I went on the pill which masked the symptoms of my PCOS, my skin cleared up, my hormones balanced, my hair grew thick and long and I felt normal again. Five years after my son was born I eventually found the strength to leave my son’s dad but unfortunately I fell straight into a ‘situationship’ with another man who was abusive in his own way.

My turning point came when I decided to become celibate. I couldn’t take being disrespected and humiliated in the name of ‘love’ any longer so I promised myself that I would not have sex again unless the man was someone who I trust, someone who treats me with respect and someone I could see myself marrying. I decided that I HAD to change my life script otherwise I would keep finding myself in these types of destructive relationships….and then the penny dropped. I had never read about it or given it any thought but I had a sudden realisation that all my gynaecological problems had been my body’s way of crying out for help, asking for my attention and letting me know it was hurting. My womb was holding and magnifying the grief of sexual abuse, domestic violence, suicide attempts, trauma, a strained relationship with my own child and my devastating lack of self-worth. I came off the pill and soon realised my PCOS was worse than ever, the pill had simply been covering the symptoms. I began a new diet which is designed to nurture my fertility and researched womb health intensively. Ever since, I have been working on clearing my womb of everything that is damaging and instead, filling it with self-love and nurturing. The most important step towards womb health is working on past trauma and hurt, I am doing this by weekly counselling sessions with a brilliant spiritual counsellor. I am addressing my past, letting go and learning to forgive those who have abused me in order to set myself free from the hold they still have on me and my health. I make sure I write in a journal and use meditations which focus on relaxation and supporting the adrenal glands. More specific to vaginal and womb health are the ancient practices of castor oil packs, yoni (the Sanskrit word for vagina) steams, fertility massage, yoni breathing and yoni eggs.

I began selling yoni eggs because I felt there was a real need for them over here in the UK. Through my own clients (I am a psychotherapist), my friends and family and my network on Instagram it became very apparent that many women are walking around like open wounds. Many don’t know about the divine feminine or the power they hold within their sacred womb (and the power of their period!! But that’s a whole different blog)…we are not taught about it in school, many times we are raised by women who are not standing in their power either and we spend our lives collecting hurt and sadness (our own and other peoples). Yoni eggs are crystals which are inserted into the vagina as a sort of weight which helps tone and strengthen the vagina but also work on a deeper, emotional level through the healing power of the crystal. My hope is that women working with the yoni eggs become curious about other ways in which they can clear their womb energy, clear their aura, begin to form nurturing and reciprocal relationships and most importantly of all work on the relationship they have with themselves. Once I truly got to grips with the divinity I hold as a woman, the power within my womb and the importance of what rests between my thighs, I would rather lock up my yoni and throw away the key than have somebody enter it with bad energy and bad intentions."

By Rachael Gibson


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