Plant Based Paradigm

Life is truly a never ending journey of self-discovery and so much of my personal journey has revolved around my body and what I put into it. Over a decade ago I made the decision to stop eating meat, not because I was concerned with my growth as a person but simply because I knew that I had no right to exploit or determine what happens to life of other beings. It just didn't feel right putting dead animals or “meat" into my body. I knew that animals were dying and suffering at the hands of humans and I didn't want to contribute to their demise anymore. What I didn't know, was that making that decision would change the course of my life forever. Before I stopped eating meat I used to struggle with eczema. I had thin brittle hair. I had10 lbs of extra weight that wouldn’t go away for anything, and I was honestly going through life not really knowing who I was or what my purpose was. Now everything is completely different. I’m, a mother, plant based diet advocate and counselor, activist, website creator, food blogger and author of two plant-based e-cookbooks.

As soon as I stopped putting dead animals into my body my entire life began to shift. I went from eating a typical sad American diet consisting of Popeye's and Sprite, to being an organic plant-based eating, meditating crystal healing yogi. Now this growth didn't happen overnight but the process began immediately. I instantly began to really understand what it meant to be "compassionate" and "connected" to the world around me. I realized that everyone and everything has its own divine purpose.

Although I stopped eating meat over a decade ago and it wasn't until 3 years ago that I reached a ground breaking point in my own personal growth. I had just lost my Grandmother to lung cancer and one of my dearest friends to aids. Needless to say I had fallen into a very deep depression. I felt completely lost, but deep down I felt a burning desire for happiness as well as physical, spiritual and mental growth. After doing tons of research I decided to try a completely organic raw plant-based diet for an entire year. It was truly one of the best years of my life. Once I decided to only eat the foods that were designed for my body everything else just fell into place. My body began to flourish like never before. My skin began to glow with health. My hair began to grow longer and stronger than ever. The extra 10 pounds that I struggled with fell off. The eczema that I fought with my entire life vanished. My mind and consciousness began to expand and everything was becoming clear to me. I was truly living everyday on a natural high. What I was experiencing was nothing short of a paradigm shift and I was hooked. All of this was happening because I made a choice to start honouring my body. Every time we eat, we are programming our bodies. Our food will either stress our bodies or nourish our bodies. More importantly, it signifies our intentions. When we chose to put harmful things into our bodies there is a direct negative reaction that is reflected in our attitude, how we treat others, our health, our appearance and our overall wellbeing. When we choose to honour our body with the foods it deserves it is also reflected in our attitude, how we treat others, our health, our appearance and our overall wellbeing. This is why we begin to glow with health, find inner peace, lose weight and our sicknesses disappear.

Sadly some people go their entire life without ever really knowing what real food is. Plants are the one and only true food and there is and there is no other way to look at it. Yes, you can eat of other things like meat, and processed food like products and still survive. But if we are to truly begin to live we must first show or bodies how by nourishing it. Our truest nourishment can only come from a plant-based diet. We are electrical beings and our foods need to be a reflection of that. Plants do everything that we cannot do so that we don't have to. They absorb the dirt, air, water and sunlight and turn it into electricity for US. They carry within them sacred energy that is designed for our health. They are literally coded for our DNA. It is not a coincidence that my physical and mental health began to flourish once I transitioned my diet. It is how things were always supposed to be. We were not created to be sick or unhealthy. We were created to thrive and be healthy and that starts with a plant-based diet.

I know so many people think that plant-based diets are extreme, unrealistic and impossible. I would encourage anyone on the fence of a typical sad diet and a plant-based diet to consider all that there is to gain. It’s only hard in the beginning because you have to reprogram your mind and learn what real food actually is, which is why I do what I do. I know part of my purpose is to show people just how beautiful and easy this lifestyle is. I truly believe that sharing what I know can help someone on their journey and after all, isn’t that what life is all about?

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