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No Toxins, No Harm.

Plant Based Goodness from our family to yours.

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The mission is simple - to help you "Embrace The Real You"! To encourage the confidence to be happy in your own skin and to do this with natural and organic ingredients.
Mrs Milli's is about breaking the norms of people only having the option to choose hair & skin care products that contain chemicals and/or synthetic fragrances. Our aim is not to only provide the best natural and organic hair and skin care products for your whole family, but to also share our knowledge on all areas of a totally natural lifestyle.

Plant Based Goodness


Our products are vegan friendly and chemical free. We believe that you don't need to hurt the earth, or yourself, to look your best.

You'll be pleased to know our products are suitable for all skin types and for ALL hair types.

If you're wanting to look good whilst maintaining a natural and cruelty-free lifestyle then you've come to the right place. At Mrs Milli's we understand how difficult, yet rewarding it can be.

A few years ago we found it hard to find natural hair and skin products - this led us to creating our own. We enjoyed the results and decided to share our success with YOU and the World.




Hey, we are Cigdem and Terrence Millington, founders of Mrs Milli's. The Mrs Milli's hair and skin care journey began when we first met in 2013 and T couldn't be around Cigdem after she washed and treated her hair due to the harmful chemicals in the products.

After transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle a year before they met, T developed a real sensitivity to fragrances/perfumes as they are so toxic, and after trying to find alternatives for Cigdem he realised that we may as well make our own as it was near-impossible to find a totally safe product. This was the start of Mrs Milli's, and after a few discussions and trialling out some formulas on ourselves, we decided on a range of products we would like to see available and set out turning Mrs Milli's into a reality.

We believe that money should not be made at the expense of humanity and that it is the byproduct of a great idea plus smart work. We will always provide TOTALLY safe plant based products for the whole family.